Minggu, 06 Oktober 2013

Gesya be making printmaking: linocut

My campus is on heavy renovation, so the mosque is part of the plan.  I had been always have this thought to ask my friend to take a picture of me with mukena and acting like sholat in those debris, but one day when I was walking to the canteen to buy some food before friends and seniors started the linocut workshop, I saw an old man REALLY praying in those debris.

I came close and started taking pictures.  Damn, this man stole my idea and brought it to the whole new level.

When I returned to the studio and everbody started cutting their lino,  I had no idea what am I going to do with those knives, but then when I scrolled down my phone's album, I got inspired by this picture.

Idea must be put into action.

When A Gay Man Trapped in A Girl's Body Ranting About Making Artwork

random midnight sketch with pen (it was my teacher's signature because I was proposing to transfer this sketch to my etch)

I was in in these group discussion on how women artists-from fine arts and performing arts-respond to the relation between conflicts (the '65) and culture.  To be honest, I don't really care about confilcts, mostly because I can't really relate to them (especially one of my favorite teacher who was there was like "Conflict is a really old topic"), but this discussion sparked some really inducing questions about women artists.  Like, one of my teacher, a prominent sculptor, said that to represents conflicts, pain, dan women issue, it is easier for performing arts because they have stage.  Fine arts build their own "vision prison" by its frame or the three-dimensional size, while performing has no limit.

Another interesting question was "Can we tell merely by looking at the artwork, it was made by a woman or a man?".  One responded that "Idea is gender-less".  Sort of true, but not really true, in my opinion. Then one of the speaker, who is a teacher in a well-known art school added that in 90s some women artists in Bali use men's name to exhibit their artworks (which is interesting that there was a period in Indonesia's literary where men's use women's name).

My teacher shot the discussion again with a concern on how small the amount of women artists, that the fact of large number of girls in art schools contradicts with the number of well-known women artists name in the industry.  My thought is that it was the woman herself.  Being an artist has some "un-feminine" quality, like lifting heavy stuffs & play dirty stuffs.  I was witnessing my own peer in artschool, screaming and jittering when they sprayed a spray paint, because they afraid to get dirty (And I was like "Gurrrrlll, what are you doing here anyway").  I never saw an established women artists not having a slight of masculine quality.  I mean look at Sarah Oppeinheimer, Frida Kahlo, my women teachers.

They said "An artists must suffer". Girls just wanna have fun.  Remember when van Gogh wrote to Theo, his brother, "saying that he could only remember eating six hot meals since May of the previous year", well, I don't think most girls would want to have that phase, they don't even want to eat without spoon sometimes  (But girls are very good at self-sabotage/self-hurt, just saying, and girls easily get depressed with those hormones, now it is really confusing though.).  Maybe some people be like "You don't have to be dirty dan messy while doing your artwork", but I don't know really, I haven't reached that stage where my pants didn't get oilpaint stains, my lungs didn't get polluted with those clay, resin, and nitric acid particles, or asphalt slipping and staying forever into my fingernails.  80 % of me don't care and 20% care at how ugly I look while working, but I guess most people only care about the results, and if my works turn out good and beautiful in the aftermath, those sweats dont really matter.

But then again my artworks are sucks and so fucking basic.


Senin, 22 Juli 2013

so dark the con of man

a recent mural I made in my campus due to demolition for rebuilding

I think I am gonna name my son "Hoppo", after my brandnew obsession, Hoppo from Bondi Rescue

thanks to the power of Google, I barely know his real name is Bruce Hopkins and he's also starring in a skincare product and underwear.  And  Hoppo is from the "Hopkins", haha, fantastic! *laugh tracks*

And if my son asked about it, I am gonna say he's named after an Australian national hero, instead of a sexy professional lifeguard from National Geographic show.

But he is a hero

And I am also going to name him Dimitri, after my two favorite Ruskies 

the depressed and talented Shostakovich

the con man in Anastasia, my childhood favorite cartoon

I mean like, since founding Rachmaninoff, Djokovic and Ibrahimovic, I assume we can add your standard typical name into something cool and classy by adding некоторые Russian/Eastern Europe accent.  Ruskies have the best names in the world, just saying, they're all over the shop 

Fuck Yeah Coal Miners Dot Tumblerr Dot Com

My life in 2009-2011 were mostly about male model appreciation blogs, and also two fuckyeahes.  I spent lots of money, time, and clicking, I felt like this is my destiny, everytime I got stressed with school subjects (since I took the wrong choice to chose Science program), I always had the urge to fly to Milan and become male models's masseuse and ask a cajuput oil brand to sponsor me.

I was so into that thing, until a point where a male model personally asked me to went fangirling over coal miners in China instead of him.

Coal miners in China instead of him.

say hi to your new idol (you dont know your beautiful's intro is playing)

It was sort of heroic, I guess he might enjoy & feel proud for putting that "coal miners in china" and been doing it several times to other rapturous and insane fangirls

MAN!!! These asian girls wont stop

release the "coal miners" template!!!!!!!!!!

Rabu, 26 Juni 2013

I dont feel witty

Some of my assignment from my favorite class, Gambar Dasar. All of these drawing are made on A2 sized paper. These are still-life, we have to make 5 drawings each class and must be done in than 4-5 hours, so we need to be quick!

Drawing our own shoes with crayon, we started to use color in second semester and this was the first assignment

Two of them are the earlier drawing in the first semester, made in Taman Ismail Marzuki with ballpoint

Taman Menteng, drawing pen

Galeri Nasional, drawing pen

Jembatan Manggarai/Slamet Riyadi, ballpoint

Two of those are final exam in the first semester, made in Pintu Air Manggarai with ballpoint

I got A+ for this class.  I dont know, maybe because my excitement and happiness projected to this class so it's some kind of a sweet reward


A drawing I made for recent exhibition in my campus, has nothing to do with this post

I am currently reading Battle of the Mind by William Sargant (that I borrowed from a friend of mine, Tofan, and what hate the most is that I took him to my favorite book fleamarket and he found this damn good book first) it's about the science of indoctrination, brain-washing and thought controlling.  Reading this as part of my plan to make everyone agree that The Beatles is the best band in the world, J.K Rowling doesn't use ghostwriter (my biggest childhood's fear), and adding a pinch of salt to your orange juice is actually would make it tasted better, I found more interesting facts than I expected like stress makes you dumb, inhaling ether can solve your trauma, and the true magic of playing rough and ruthless to an emotionally fragile person (when most people are like "the only way to fix this is a heart-to-heart talk" "we're not going to yell and get angry anymore, we're modern people", you know what, fuck those shits you coward)

My friend, Dinda, invited me to teach street kids who sell tissue paper around University of Indonesia art, as one of her student development program.  She told me how those kids arent easy to manage, that they cant even read properly even though they are like 8 to 13 years old.  They didnt even take this generous program to educate them seriously, they only care about how to get those tissues sold at the end of the day.

I know nothing about teaching.  When one of the kids approached us to offered us the tissue, we started a little chit chat like what's her name, how old is she, does she go to school, and what does she does when she's not selling tissues. At first, she didnt show any fascination to those origami that we held.  She answered those hastily, and then asked us to buy the tissues. Then it just went out of my mouth without thinking: "I don't want to buy your tissues, I want to ask you to play with us"

She stunned and then she asked for the origami paper.

I was sort of surprised, I thought I was going to hurt her feeling, but suddenly she showed interests when folding those papers and asked our camera and started taking pictures.  I kept watching her and cant stop being skeptic and wondering what's on her mind, but she seem enjoyed and happy.

It might happened just once for that case, but I guess it's a popular fallacy that being strict and direct is a cruel and obsolete thing